Friday, July 20, 2012

Excerpt from "Chronicles from Outer Space" 
The Mystery Planet was the second in a star system of five, located half way from the Asteroid Cluster and the outer rim of the galaxy. It was well protected by a big nebula, and blended well with the background of that huge cloud of gas and dust drifting in space...

...  Ethera. Somehow the Etherians worshipped it because according to their beliefs planets are considered, life givers. It has given us our second life and we have been on it for at least two years… For this special occasion I want to suggest a toast for a long life full of success to the new Etherians.”
“I like it!” Araad said getting up and lifting his glass.
“Good finding, I like it too.” Fadia got up too.
“I’ll go along with that.” Reya joined them.
They all lifted their glasses and agreed with their doctor’s suggestion.
“Cheers!” Ilko said and drank an abundant gulp of the fruitful liquid along with his Etherian friends.
“I got this idea that might help and keep us united in any kind of mess we’ll get into.” Darko said. “All together form a circle, extend your left hand, place your right hand over your heart and repeat after me.”
It was a strange, but curious request and they wanted to know more about his idea, so they all gathered around and together they repeated: “Anything for a friend.”

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