I called this art "Solitary Beach" is is quite beautiful and again it's a place in Southern Italy. I wanted to publish this one because it captured me, I love a beach with some rocks either on the side or in front of the seashore, it ads a bit to the beauty of the vista.

This is a digital art I named "Mediterranean Vista" and it looks very much like it. I hope you like it. let me know your thoughts.

Roman build many temples this is one residing in Baalbek, Lebanon. It is still standing and is targeted by many tourists visiting the "Little Europe of the Middle East". Regardless of what the news say about Lebanon, it still is a beautiful place to visit and appreciate the good local and international cuisine.

This is the same temple in Baalbek, Lebanon, but a different angle. We can clearly see the typical Roman architecture that is spread all over the Mediterranean basin. These are structure that were built with solid Egyptian granite, and to last throughout the centuries. A site worth to be visited.

This location is called Piazza di Spagna or more commonly Spanish Steps for the tourists. Those who have been in Rome, Italy, most probably have visited this place and enjoyed sitting along many other foreigners on the steps of this century old church.

Off the coast of Baja California lies a rock formation very typical and quite intersting, and not to far from Cabo San Lucas, one of the most targeted resort areas of Mexico's west coast.

Sail boats are common off the coast of San Diego or Los Angeles, California.

 The northern portion of California Coast starts at San Francisco, the European city western USA. The Golden Gate Bridge, here depicted, is one of San Francisco's most interesting attractions, second to Fisherman's Wharf, Chinatown and the infamous Alcatraz prison.

San Juan Bautista, a small mission, a few miles inland about mid-California was the location where some scenes of the movie Vertigo, directed by Alfred Hitchcok, and starring James Stewart and Kim Novak.

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