A camera lens zooming on the scene, can you see what's the story? Is there something worth photographing?. Your comments are appreciated.

 A little marble rolling down the floor and about ti hit another marble.

 Always pretty, don't you think? Leonardo's Monna Lisa version 2012.

To do this art I combined several pieces of pictures and graphics, then I applied a few special effects and got a result that in my opinion is acceptable. What does it mean?... Your guess is as good as mine.

I was playing around with new software on my computer by adding and removing effects or filters when suddenly the background looked interesting, the stars the spotlight, however it seemed surreal and I figured I could add, maybe, the image of a ballerina and since she had to dance on floor, I went back to the filters and created the stage. it looked very funny, actually it still look very funny so I decided to give this art a funny name too.

A lone cowboy and his horse lost in time, looking for a way out of the continuum. Everybody somehow end up into a moment in his/her life where they don't know where to go and what to do.

"Hard Rain"... it must have been a winter night and it was raining so much, things were hard to notice.

I called this work "Multilevel"

An abstract composition digitally acquired with Photoshop.

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