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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Plants grow even on an Icy Desert, the thing is that these plants are alien plants on a far away planet. Icy Desert is another of my creation for the new collection Fantasy Worlds and Landscapes.

Friday, May 25, 2012

I called this digital art composition "Aurora Borealis". Who says that the light from the north skies are native to Planet Earth only? I imagined this distant planet with odd looking moons also have the aurora borealis.

Ultra Purple as in opposite of ultra red light... the usual alien landscape or should I say water mass, however still on a remote planet, called 'my imagination.'

Rocks in the Desert is the title of this digital art composition. It's still part of my new idea of creating alien landscapes with a mystical look.

The Moon Over Red Sea is the first digital art composition of a new collection I am putting together. It's a mystical place, or if you prefer, an out of this world place on an alien planet, far far away. It has nothing to do with Planet Earth's Red Sea. Enjoy.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

The Fleet

Somebody might think that I am obsessed with space travel and space ships and so on, but I am really not, and you do know that space is "the last frontier". It could be doorway to new life, new possibilities or new friends, that is if aliens do exist. We just need a key to open this door and have enough courage to go through and explore. Good luck to the future generations.

Out of Hyperspace Jump

Another space view for "Chronicles from Outer Space" sci-fi novel. In my opinion hyperspace travel is possible, even though Einstein has repeatedly said it is not. I am sure there's something that we missed somewhere in the formula and one of these days we will discover it and the universe will be a smaller place than we think... well I can imagine at least! Let me know your opinion.

Water on Mars

Everything is possible, even finding water on Mars, it's just a matter of time and where to look to find it. My question is will it be drinkable water? and if there's water there must be life. Ohh! Here comes the Martians again.


We all know that the F22 Raptor is the most sophisticated and modern Air Force fighter on the planet, but they lack one thing, they can't fly in zero gravity. Guess what! The modules in the picture do, and can also operate in atmospheric surrounding. Naturally all this is my imagination creating stuff to go along with Vic Sparagucci's book


Another futuristic vision attached to Vic's book. These are big military star ships, there's no kidding with these, and I'll let you imagine the rest. I designed the ships, created the background and even the planet below... or should I say above? It's hard to say what's up and what's down when you're in space. Let me know what you think.

Desert Landing

This is part of my collection of sci-fi digital art that I have started to create to go along with the book "Chronicles from Outer Space" by Vic Sparagucci. An interesting adventure of a group of friends... well I don't want to spoil the fun of reading it. The book is available also in Italian, and probably it could be available in French.